My Love For Sauve Professionals…STAPLES

Published May 1, 2013 by Snow

I took a risk when I picked up my 1st bottle of Suave Professionals…Almond and Shea Butter . I was in the Family Dollar and the ingredients really caught my eye. It is no “all natural” product but for it to be Sauve they did their thing. I initially started with both the shampoo and conditioner but ended up only using the conditioner. I loved them both because they were soooo MOISTURIZING no joke. The shampoo did not strip my hair at all. My hair was clean and but still moisturized. The conditioner is the show stopper. It is a tremendous detangler… the slip is out of this world. I also use it as a co-wash for when my hair may need a mini wash up during the week. The only thing I had to stop doing was using it as a leave in… just don’t do it.

Then just this month I picked up a bottle of their new Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner. The ingredients aren’t as good but I still tried it because my hair responds very well to Argon oil. It was not as moisturizing but it did do what it says it will do and that is SHINE! After my 1st wash with this stuff my hair was noticeably shiner like shiny how hair looks in the commercial. I was sold my hair went from looking dry with a ashy black to just being colored jet black. I’m in love with it… I just looked over the fact that it didn’t have that much slip.

I love the two so much that I can’t give up one for the other SO I MIX THEM TOGETHER.

I get the moisture, slip, and shine.

These two Conditioners are not going no where. I will forever use them together till my hair does not like it any more.


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6 comments on “My Love For Sauve Professionals…STAPLES

  • This duo (the almond/shea butter shampoo & conditioner) was my first buy when I decided to stop relaxing my hair (January 2013). I bought the economy size, 40oz from BJ’s, it only costed $6.99 (for both). The conditioner is definitely good for co-washing and the shampoo is not stripping either. I have super dry-desert hair and yes, it did the trick for me too AND the smell is everything!! I was definitely impressed that Suave made this product. I thought about trying the Argon oil version, but based on your review, if it’s not broken, why fix it?
    Thx for the post!

    • I’m glad there are others that vouch for Sauve also… I feel like Sauve is kind of forgotten amongst all the other companies but as long as I know other people aren’t sleeping on Sauve Professionals I’m good. But your right I can’t live without the almond/shea butter but the argon oil is just like a extra treat

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